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Cumming, GA

[DVR] Anyroom DVR and cable modem on splitter

Hey guys. I just got my Anyroom DVR setup installed. It consists of the main DVR in the living room, and the the satellite boxes in each of the bedrooms. The problem I'm running into is the cable modem had to be installed in the basement due to it having the only other hot cable run. Needless to say the signal is terrible down there and I can't get a reliable wireless signal anywhere in the house.

I want to install a 2 way splitter in one of the rooms that would allow me to move the cable modem upstairs. So it would look similar to this:

Wall to splitter. Splitter to cable modem and Anyroom DVR.

The Comcast tech told me this wouldn't work because it would interfere with the Anyroom DVRs communicating with each other. Anyone have any advice, experience with this?



Last we were informed you bascially cannot have more than 7db loss for each leg of the ArDVR [which happens to be the passive loss on a 4 way splitter, and is the reason you are limited to 1 hub and 3 satelites]. So your setup is possible with the right knowledge, however, the coax map needed to advice you has not been provided.

house amp?
POE filter location?
Splitter configuration to the ArDVR boxes that are where they are supposed to be and the one you want to split?
Signal levels?

you get the idea, a lot of info is needed that you are not likely going to provide correctly without being at the house, but you can try. Its only a service charge if they have to come out and fix it for you.


Boston, MA

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I have a line splitter to use an AnyRoom box & cable modem. Signal levels to both devices are still acceptable and I haven't had any issues (over 1 year).


Scarborough, ON
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This may or may not help as I'm not on comcast at all, but I have a Anyroom DVR setup in my home running over MoCA, and I have my main PVR and my cable modem running off one outlet with a two way splitter and it works perfectly fine. Just make sure you install a MoCA filter on your cable modem.