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Arlington, VA

HD Complete XF Bundle: what is provided?

I recently moved to Central Virginia, and in doing so, have switched from DirecTV/FIOS to a Comcast TriplePlay bundle. I chose the HD Complete XF Bundle, because I wanted the fastest internet option, as well as the sports and movie channels, along with the "AnyRoom DVR."

The Comcast tech came out last week (1 hour late, without a phone call), and informed me that the AnyRoom DVR equipment/service was not available in my area. Instead, he installed 2 HD DVRs, and 1 "digital" non-HD box (none of them linked together). So, a few questions:

1) Does anyone have experience with being on the HD Complete plan, but not having the AnyRoom DVR capability? I'm not paying extra for the 2nd HD DVR or the 3rd "digital" box, but I'm still wondering if I'm on the right plan, given that AnyRoom DVR is not an option for my market. I know that if I dropped down a plan, I would have to pay for those boxes individually.

2) Regarding the third "digital" box, which is NOT Hi-Def, is that supposed to be an HD box given that I'm on the HD Complete plan? I called in to 1-800-XFinity, and they told me a tech could replace it for $19.95, or that I could go to the local payment center and swap it out. I just went to the local payment center, and they said that if I swapped it with an HD box, I would incur another $9.95/month. This doesn't seem right to me; shouldn't all of the cable boxes on the HD Complete plan actually be HD boxes? (I left the payment center with my standard box, not wanting to pay additional money per month.)

3) How does one apply for the $20 "tech didn't call or show up on time" credit? That was clearly written in the documentation/contract Comcast sent me, and I'd like to get it, given that they couldn't bother to call or show up for my installation during the maintenance window.

4) Are the HD movie channels the same in every market? For instance, in Charlottesville VA, there is only 1 HBO channel that is in HD, 1 Cinemax channel in HD, 1 Starz channel in HD, etc. The rest of the movie channels are all in standard def, which is quite a bit different than DirecTV, which seemed like 50%+ were in HD. Is it just because I'm in a "smaller" market? It kinda stinks getting all of these premier channels, and finding out that only a small portion are actually HD....

Thanks for any info. I just want to make sure I'm getting what I'm paying for, and due to Comcast's inability to be clear with the packages, and different reps on the phone saying completely different things, I'm not sure I'm on the right plan, or that I have the right equipment installed.



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Comcast doesn't carry any more than the main channel in HD anywhere in VA. That is not because you're in Charlottesville. They're not the same in every market, but Comcast is migrating the premium HD channels to On Demand in most markets.

You would only need to pay the HD technology fee once with Comcast. Unlike DirecTV, there's no way out of it, you will only get local channels in HD without it. But that would apply to all boxes within the home.

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Dover, DE

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reply to wilbywilson
1. not all markets have anyroom. where did you order from?

2. does your package include 3 hd boxes? even with the anyroom HDDVR, that doesnt mean anyroomHD. you need to read the info that came in the mail, or what you got when you ordered.

Sounds like you ordered blindly

3.it should be automatic, if not call in.

4.for the most part yes. only the main channel is HD. but most every movie in on demand in HD. again, if you looked at the lineups before hand you would have seen this.
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Arlington, VA
1. I ordered online, via the packages that were presented to me at my zip code. Clearly the options that were offered on the webpage were not accurate for my market, hence my post on this forum to try and sort this out.

2. That's what I'm trying to figure out. My package says "HD DVR service, additional HD digital outlet service for 2-3 outlets." To me, that means all boxes should be HD, but Comcast is fighting with me.

3. Thanks for the info.

4. Thanks for the explanation. I admit that I did not research the exact HD movie channel lineups before I ordered, mostly because I had no alternative provider that could service my home. I'm stuck with Comcast, and from my standpoint, they are lagging well behind DirecTV's Premier offering.

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Wilmington, DE
In regards to #2 - yes, the XF Complete (which I also signed up) - should contain the DVR AND 3 additional HD boxes (I only needed 2).

So - you are in the right there --
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Weirton, WV
reply to wilbywilson
you might have been better off going with directv.