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Dearborn, MI
reply to outsider0

Re: SE Michigan is dead, and horribly.

"Can we who are sitting around with black tv screens and dead interwebs get an estimate of how much longer this transition will take between Docsis 3 and digital TV"

It was an original question. Meh to "Look at other threads" or "Our engineers are working on it" -

I'm not gonna keep defending WoW without some kind of explanations to pass along. Otherwise, whether I like it or not, it's off to Comcast.

Here's what I want, aside from the pony, balloons, and such:

Why did my TV go dead - over and over again?

Why am I glancing over at the damned "nice! new!" Arris gateway router thing, endlessly, to see if it's even connected.

It's a piece of crap for anyone but phone users. Yay.

Finally - what the hell? Think y'all can incite some churn in whatever Starz and Encore provide? Free movies in the "Movies" section?

I gotta scroll through 20 damn straight-to-VHS tapes, or go to Science Channel, (How It's Made - Engines, Toffee, and two extras...tires, and some other damn thing)

This isn't working too good.


Saint Clair Shores, MI
Must be a dearborn thing since all is well in the "shores"