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Middle River, MD

Hail to the Liveskins

Ok football is here

Too many cynics across the years (as I well understand being up here in Oriole disasters)
I said 2 years ago I was liking what I was seeing.
Took Shany's first year to set things up, install a 3-4, start changing personnel to match it (including getting rid of the beached whale and his bloated salary).

Last year things started to look nice. Some injuries (Hightower for starters) and we got to see Rex Grossman throw a stinker... and an over-reaction to it, handing the team to Beck and watch them shoot themselves in the foot badly.

This year I like what I'm seeing even more. RG3 looks like the real deal. Got weapons added (Garcon) and a TE that made Cooley's salary expendable. Speaking of TEs Fred Davis, Niles Paul, Logan Paulson, it is interesting to see a TE Deandelo Peterson on the practice squad.

Speaking of salary/depth.... teams should have a somewhat 3 tier breakdown.
1/3 cheaply paid
1/3 decently paid
1/3 well paid

In the past with all the big splashes from the danny, it was more like 1/2 cheaply paid, so the quality depth wasn't there.
I'm seeing improvement there big time..... not fully there yet, but the bench depth is better than it has been for years, and will improve. (Hence why I talked about TEs above)
This year I like Grossman ready to come in if the unthinkable happens to RG3, next year hopefully Cousins (and relatively cheap)

I was hoping for a Shany "find a late-round RB" history to surface, and it may have in Alfred Morris. Not saying so yet, but this is now a team that will be fun to watch.

Do have one big reservation, Madieu Williams, wondering how hard Roger "GODell" is going to bring down the hammer.

Up here, the Ravens looked really good in dismantling the Bengals.
What I'm seeing happening on the O-line is amazing. Not starting (sitting on the bench as reserves ) were LT Bryant McKinnie and L/RG Bobbie Williams, instead I saw Kelechi Osemele at RT (2nd round pick - 60th- this year), and Ramon Harewood, at LG (a 6th rounder 2 years ago from Morehouse College who spent 2 years on IR -knee, then ankle). Add in the G/C they drafted in the 4th round...........I'm seeing a well oiled FO keeping the talent pipeline flowing for the future.

I mention this area specifically, because that is what was really lacking with the Skins for years. Just a attitude of buy what we need and cobble the rest together.
That is the big change I started seeing when Shany was hired.
This past pre-season... if you really watched it, featured battles for roster spots all over the place, and I mean battles between talented people. (Even the 2 kickers both looked good, and they both lost )

I don't really know where either team is going.
Have concerns with the Ravens replacing the defensive player of the year (Suggs - Achilles)
Have concerns with the Skins having a Rookie QB and some secondary weakness....
But it will be a fun ride this year.
Was a Cruise Fanatic, one cruise on Princess cured me. Bleah

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Springfield, VA
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Hey we have the best of both worlds. Orioles and Nationals are at the top of their respective piles in baseball. A Baltimore Washington world series would be good fun.

Baltimore looked awesome against the Bengals. and I really don't even like the Ravens - I think it is the purple

RGIII and company put on a show down in NOLA but I'm still gun shy on the Skins. That damn bandwagon has had some loose bolts and those wheels have been falling off for a long time.


Silver Spring, MD
Good Plan, because right on cue we lose to the rams, our defense loses their 2 best player, and we lose the chance of a tying FG when a WR makes a entirely unforced penalty. Unless the defense gets seriously better real quick, it's back to 5-11. The rams will love those first round picks...

(Not that RGIII isn't worth them, but still)