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Re: [Niagara] 40gb of "usage" while the modem is unplu

said by anonuser1 :

said by I_H8_Spam See Profile
I'd like to know how Mac's are being cloned, is this an inside job maybe provisioning has a leak? Or is someone on the node sniffing for mac addresses?

You want to know how this works? You heard it here first:

There is a network of people who are cloning Cogeco MAC addresses.

Technicians working for or contracted by Cogeco are in on the game and are making money off this.

This in a inter-city operation and, last I heard, the MACs from one city are only ever cloned in a different city. The information I received indicated that this was because the authentication system would only allow one MAC per city. This would indicate that the CMTS is not solely authenticating the MAC but another device or server is also. This would be located in the "head office" of each city. This was what was explained to me - I don't know whether it's accurate.

The techs copy the MAC of a subscriber they feel either won't use all their allocated Internet transit or won't notice and they advertise it on the "forum" of people who are looking to acquire a Cogeco MAC for a specific city. Again, the MAC will always be cloned in a different city than it originated in.

And that's pretty much it. Scripts for the modems are readily available. While they're at it, they uncap the upstream and downstream limits. The MAC gets cloned and whoever the lucky winner is had better hope that the usage doesn't exceed their allotment. Generally, the rule is to not exceed 80% of the person's allotted transfer. MACs are aplenty and exceeding too many people's transfer allotment will only expose the scheme quicker. Cogeco's tracking and billing software obviously doesn't have the capability of knowing where the modems are or even if there are duplicates.

Not that I care but I'll just point out that I do not, nor have I ever participated in this scheme. I know several people who work for Cogeco, none of whom participate in this scheme to my knowledge. I do know people who do participate in this scheme.

There you go. That is how a modem can accrue usage even when disconnected from the network and powered off.

Hi, I found a web forum with some guy(in 2009) explaining how he collects MAC addresses for his "cogeco sb5100 fercsa" modem and changes them often.(that is, if I understand what he's explaining)
This would be a huge problem with bandwidth usage for anyone if people are doing this! Is this possible on Cogeco network? Can they stop it, that's kind of scary.