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internet speed gets progressively slower and freezes

for the past 4-5 days my internet speed gets progressively slower after restarting my computer/modem.. it will start at 20 download then after about 20-30 mins it will go down to 5-10 download and the upload stays the same at 0.49.. also my internet freezes for 5-10 seconds every 5-10 minutes making games unplayable

more information:

-im connected to the modem no router at all

-i just reformated last week

-i have done many virus/malware scans with bitdefender and malwarebytes and found nothing


a screenshot of the speeds


Calgary, AB
do your speeds improve after just resetting the modem?


sometimes after only resetting the modem but most of the time i have to restart the computer as well


reply to slowsdown
I assume you dont have a router. If so wire directly and see how that goes. If its just a windows machine and the modem, check the windows event logs. Could be too many connections. Also get a live CD of a virus scanner and try that. You most likely will not be able to find viruses from inside a compromised OS>

could also be network drivers if you say you just reinstalled. try another network card if possible.