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Grinnell, IA

Help with our church site

I help our church staff with our new site, We run on WordPress and my question is on the bottom of the page, Can I have pop up menu's? (Such as I'm New) I would like that to roll over to the Welcome Video, etc when I place my mouse over them
Site is here

Hangin' Out

If I understand your question correctly, you're wanting to have a modal or pop-up when one of the links on the bottom of the page is hovered over by the mouse? The popup would have a welcome video start playing when it shows then.

I would recommend against that and instead have the welcome video on the "I'm New" page, instead of in it's own popup. The reason for that is, what happens when I hover over the link, the video starts playing, and I bump my mouse? The video disappears and I have to hover over the link again to see it, possibly fast-forwarding to the part I left off at.

Have the video on the grinnell.cc/new page instead, or if you really want it on the homepage, have one of the slider images link to a page with it. Your slider images should link to pages anyways instead of the same image. Click on one to see what I mean. It's definitely possible to have rollover menus and videos in wordpress, but you shouldn't mix them together. You might be interested in a modal window, which would be on the same page, but only show after the visitor clicks on a link. They then generally grey-out the rest of the page to give focus to the modal window, which would have the video in it. It's similar to what Facebook does when you click on a photo.
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