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Castlegar, BC

Inbox messages accidentally moved to un-named folder

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missing emails
I was recently reading an email and scrolling down the page using the PS/2 mouse and sidebar. I must have pressed something by accident and now all of my "Inbox" is gone. In trying to find it, I clicked on "folders" which showed me inbox, sent, trash, etc. and there sizes in MB. I saw at the bottom of the list an empty spot where a folder name should be and the size 600mb and 872 messages, exactly the same size and message count as my inbox was. There is no way to select that unnamed folder and restore it to inbox. Since that happened all mail I've received has gone into my Inbox like normal but I still can't retrieve my lost ones.

This computer is an older desktop with XP Pro SP3 using Shaw mail through IE8 and Firefox v15.0.1. When I access my email from any PC anywhere it's always the same result.

I attached a .jpg showing what it all looks like


I could be mistaken, but it seems like that last row is just showing a total of the other folders.

17 + 1 + 0 + 848 + 6 = 872
2.5MB + 8K + 0K + 597MB + 325K = 600MB