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Ivoryton, CT

Cheapest possible POTS+DSL line?

Thank you for reading.

I've had POTS and DSL Elite service for a number of years; but with Comcast's continued incremental upgrades, and no news on the horizon from AT&T, I think it might be time to move on to a Comcast Business Class bundle. I would be porting my existing landline number over to their Digital Voice system.

I would, however, be interested in keeping a line here for backup / emergency, because I've seen situations in this area when the cable is out but the POTS and DSL are working (example being the hurricane about a year ago).

Any tips / advise on getting the cheapest POTS and DSL service available, to be used as a fallback just in case? I.e. DSL speed can be notched down, with a dynamic address, and phone calls would basically be inbound only, perhaps using a calling card or something to dial out if necessary.

What kind of pricing should I expect? Or in other words, are there any "secret handshake" deals I should know about?

Or I guess I could even use dry DSL and VoIP, if that makes more sense.

Thank you in advance for any feedback

Warner Robins, GA
According to the AT&T website for Essex CT you can get Basic DSL and local phone for about $39.00/month. Then you must add in the fees and taxes for your area. You will need to pay for the gateway or modem for the DSL.