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GW2: Mesmer Thread

OK here's another new thread for mesmers. Doesn't seem like any of the usual posters has made mesmer their main but I figure I'd start a thread anyways. My altoholicism is making me eye this class.

I found this nice reference (long ass youtube videos, sigh) so I figure I posted here. Basically it's a clone shatter build.


How are you guys leveling your mesmer? I tried to start one several times already, and just feels so damn weak. I read somewhere that traits really impact this class more so than any other class, so might just be an issue of sticking to it.

One thing I didn't understand from the video is I get that with traits you can cripple and hurt mobs when clones die/shatter, but besides the shatter bomb (mind wrack) how are the clones applying conditions like bleeds and whatnot?

Seems like staff with its primary attack, bouncy ball, can apply conditions, but how many times does it bounce?


Lansing, MI
I believe there are different shatters that have different utilities.



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I got my mesmer up to level 6. This time it's much smoother going than the previous attempts. I think having scepter as the starting weapon makes it really painful. Once I did a few quests and bought a staff off the TP, it's so much easier.

Weapons I like are the staff, all the skills are good. Sword main hand's #2 attack is surprising strong, does lots of damage and blocks for 2 seconds. The gun offhand's illusion duelist is fun with its dual pistols pew pewing. The great sword feels weak when the mob is right in your face, since its damage is more the farther you are from the mob.

My mesmer is a norn female hottie, and that stopping the minotaur stampede event is awesome for training weapons. Happened twice while I was playing and I would just tag every mob I can and unlocked most of my weapons that way.

Edit: btw that link's videos are pretty long but I like the guy's detailed explanations. I only watched part of it due to it being so long but an awesome introduction to mesmers.

Edit2: Part 1 of his video explained how the staff worked. Basically the ball thingy would hit the mob then bounce back to you (or the closest ally). There's a master trait in the illusion line that gives it (and other bouncy skills) another bounce, so it makes it like you cast it twice. 2 conditions on mob and 2 boons on you in one hit. Can't wait to get it!

Edit3: The guy in the video reminded me (if I bothered to read the skill) that staff #4's curtain gives you swiftness (10 seconds, 30 seconds CD) so it's good to use when soloing. Nomnom. Not as good as warrior's warhorn (10 out of 20) or elementalists numerous options, but still better than nothing and no weapon switch needed (although putting that curtain down will take a bit of practice).

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reply to puppy
Made mesmer my main, hit 80 yesterday,


What spec did you run with to level up? especially low levels like from 10-20, 20-30?


Mine is 46 as of this morning. I changed around 30ish or so to Staff Sword/Pistol focusing on Condition Damage using the build and playing like the videos in the Reddit post. I can solo pretty much any Veteren I have come across (Many without loosing any life), pull three/four mobs and easily kill them and even yesterday I had a Champion mob down to 20%ish before a few others joined in.

I will probably change at 80 to something more...focused? I guess is what I am looking for but I really enjoy running what he does in those videos. Just makes leveling so much easier!


reply to puppy
Wow, been a long while since I posted this. I must have remade my mesmer a few times since then, but keep giving up since she feels so weak at the start. Supposedly it really takes level 35-40 before you get all the traits to make things smoother (like illusions cripple when they are killed, illusion on dodge, etc).

I made a new one and I'm using GS/S+P for leveling. While I love the staff skills, it seems to be more defensive in nature, so when I used that before to level it was a bit more painful. GS/S is enough dps to kill mobs, especially since I am also stacking the deck in my favor by leveling in zones below me. I'm cycling through the newbie zones.

I really want to make the mesmer work, so fancy and has butterflies!



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reply to puppy
My mesmer is here to stay! I got her from 20 to 39 over the (long for me) weekend! Running GS/SW+F for travel/general questing, GS/Staff for harder mobs/groups. It helps that I run quests below my level to get over the 1-40 growing pains.

I update my gear every 5 levels (like I do for all my toons), and at 35 I was able to buy the tailored masquerade leggings and boots, so sexy! They are like 40s a piece at level 35, egads, but I figured I can buy 2 pieces and transmute them the rest of the way.

Now that I am about to hit 40, I'm torn between respecing for Deceptive Evasion (clone when you dodge) which would include getting bleeds on clone crits, or great sword training (20% more reduction on iBerserker and #2 awesome attack). I mostly use greatsword, but that clone on dodge trait is just so uber...


got my guardian to 41, but now you are making me itch to try out my mesmer again!


Last night I decided to try the evasive deception spec first. It is really nice to have clones on dodge, but the bleeds they apply doesn't seem to last very long (and I don't think my +duration traits/gear affects their bleeds, not sure about my +cond dmg).

For general questing I think the mobs are dying fast enough (at least in zones at or below my level), so before I logged off I changed it to 20 in domination (+power) to get clones apply cripple on death and +50 power to GS and 20% reduction GS skills and give that a whirl tonight. ~5 sec cooldown (from 8) on GS #2, and ~12 on iBerzerker, should be pretty nice.

In case anyone is not following it, the latest patch they fixed it such that you require LOS to spawn phantasms to stop PvP'ers from throwing phantasms without seeing their enemies. Unfortunately, the way they fixed it made it such that ANY LOS issues, like terrain being bumpy, will cause a phantasm summoning to fail and the skill to go on cooldown. This happens quite often, so I am careful to summon iBerzerker on flat land :P

In addition, the iBerzerker seems to be missing a few hits of its initial spin, probably from the fix that fixes throw weapons that gets more dmg as it hits more enemies. Bad QA, ArenaNet, Bad. Again, I've been pretty unhappy with the last patch, I rather they work on bugs and class fixes than one time buggy events.

Edit: Oh, phantasm summoning will also fail now if you get blocked, dodged, etc (treated like a spell), which I think is silly. A lot of them have secondary effect besides the damage (like regen to nearby allies) that should stick around even its "attack" miss. In general a lazy and bad fix.



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reply to puppy
I had the hardest time starting the mesmer. I must have made/deleted like 3 or 4 of them, each time giving up in total frustration, but now my mesmer is at 80 and I love her very much 3

Mesmer relies on her traits more so than other classes. I think it was around 35 when things clicked for me, then smooth sailing from there on.

I didn't like the scepter at all, and it's unfortunate that it's the first weapon. I leveled using GS, Staff and Sw/F, mostly GS. Stacking power mainly, some precision, some vitality/toughness. I mainly use GS for most of my question, weapon swap to the focus for #4 swiftness boost. If I know a tougher/more mobs fight is coming, I use GS/Staff (a combo I like is to use Staff 5 chaos storm, then switch to GS and use #4. When the iBerserker spins through that chaos field, it stacks confusion on everyone it hits).

I would recommend the following traits:

First 5 trait points into Illusions to get "Illusionists Celerity". All of your Illusion-summoning skills recharge 20% faster. Every illusion related skill, even the GS #2 bounce attack (categorized as a clone since it spawns one).

Before 40 I would suggest getting:

10 points into Domination for free power, then get Crippling Disspatiion. Remember cripple stacks in duration, so if multiple clones blow up near the same mob, the duration stacks.

5 points into Chaos to get regen buff at 75% health. Really nice to keep your health topped off.

5 points into Dueling to get vigor on crits.

At 40 and after, I'll just list the traits that I like:

- Crippling Dissipation: Clones cripple nearby foes when they are killed.
- Greatsword training: +50 power while wielding a greatsword. Reduces recharge of greatsword skills by 20%. This stacks with "Illusionists Celerity", so your GS #2 is down to like 5 seconds CD.

- Phantasmal Fury: Your phantasms have fury.
- Deceptive Evasion: Create a clone at your current position when you dodge. This is HUGE, absolutely awesome, but I like Greatsword training more since I can just mow down normal quest mobs.

- Debilitating Dissipation: Clones apply a random condition to nearby foes when they are killed. This does not work if you shatter them, but do work if they get killed or if they get replaced from you creating new clones/phantasms.

- I don't like anything from this line for leveling.

- Compounding Power: 3% more damage for each of your active illusions.
- Illusionary Elasticity: Bouncing attacks have one additional bounce. This is awesome with GS #2, also works with Staff #1 (just for you, not for your clones).

I start fights with GS #2 (throw the sword to create a clone. The hit itseld does good damage), GS #4 (iBerserker), GS #3 (mind stab). Don't iBerserker to start the fight, sometimes mobs will kill it before it spins.

For utility I use signet that gives you boon during battle, 10% boon duration signet, and either feedback or null field. For elite I like my hounds of baltzar (human elite) since it does good damage and draws aggro off me, but time warp is pretty OP as well.

I didn't buy the 3rd book yet, since I don't like any of the grandmaster traits. If you want to do a shatter build, Illusionary Persona (Shattering illusions creates the shatter effect on you as well) is excellent/required.

Edit: I sandbagged my mesmer's leveling but using zones below her level, at least before level 40. Being 1 or 2 levels above mobs made a huge amount of difference. I did all the newbie zones and crafted some, and went from there.

Las Vegas, NV
Awesome puppy, thanks. I'm going to go through this and take some notes. This should come in handy.

When you say "GS" you mean Great Sword?


Yar GS = Greatsword

I also use staff and sword/focus.

Don't be afraid to respec when you hit every 5 levels. I tried evasion deception as well as clones bleed on crit first, but I liked the GS recharge trait over these two for leveling.

When I respec I also make sure I have at least 5 in illusions (that is mandatory to me) and 5 to get the regen buff.

Las Vegas, NV
I played some more last night. Great Sword really ramps up the damage. But...it's annoying as all hell sounding after awhile, your main #1 utility.

Another thing I noticed with using a GS, is that you rarely ever spawn clones at all (maybe until I get some traits rolling, I dont know)

I tried Scepter/Gun last night, it seemed pretty cool.


Yar that #1 is annoying. I turn my sound down a bit, and got used to it after a while. Maybe you can find the sound file we can edit

For GS I use #2 to do a bounce attack (make a clone), then #4 iBerzerk to make another. With my traits my #2 is on 5 second CD, so that's when the 3rd clone comes (or I can make one right away using a dodge). As I said before, mesmer requires the traits to start working more smoothly. You can also use the clones utility or decoy.

For bigger packs/veteran, I start in staff. Throw down chaos storm, use #2 to create a clone (and if used inside the chaos storm puts chaos armor on me), then swap to GS #4 who spins through chaos storm to put on confusion, then GS #2. 2 clones and a phantasm in a few seconds.

I like thegun phantasm, pew poew!