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Re: As has been said before

Works well there for you. VZ has a statewide contract to lay FiOS too.

Guess what they're doing in the rest of the world? Milking 3 Mbps DSL until it dies or they can remove the copper. And that's not just for those of us not in major cities. And considering the ridiculous price of wireless, to even compare that to a wireline service is blatant trolling.

The cable company has a monopoly beyond that pittance of a speed.

fifty nine

Sussex, NJ
said by Os:

Works well there for you. VZ has a statewide contract to lay FiOS too.

VZ doesn't have a statewide contract to lay FiOS. They have a statewide franchise agreement for TV service, but even so they don't serve all parts of the state. Up where I live it is not Verizon territory, it is CenturyLink.

In fact it was because of the Government easing regulations that those in this state in FiOS areas get to enjoy it now.


Like osravens said you are lucky to live in a section where you have that option. Millions of people do not have that option and its a big deal. You don't realize it because you don't live with it every day.

Cable or DSL/Fiber pretty much if you are lucky. He said monopoly when it's actually a duopoly in most areas. Are they really that much different? In both cases the consumer gets screwed. No competition = higher prices and or bad service. To compare wireless or satellite service to a wireline service like osravens said is absurd.

In my area we either have AT&T DSL (Upgrade our lines?? I love copper, please leave it in my yard forever), Clear (please throttle me??), Satellite (I'm still waiting...) or AT&T/Verizon/Sprint/Tmobile wireless (Caps? I don't need to eat).