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Om Nom Nom

Lincoln, NE
reply to Buffalobill

Re: [Classes] 5.0.4 Healing Priest

Priests should be in a fairly good spot post 5.0.4. Mana normalization doesn't hurt us in the least and if you were a priest worth your salt you know that sustainability comes before pure throughput because by the time you hit the point where throughput becomes the most important part of your job you've already reached the sustainability levels needed to make it count. Gear raining down like candy and mana essentially becoming a non factor in most cases doesn't hurt matters. Talent wise I'm less than impressed, a few new tricks and tools but ultimately I still feel like the class as a whole is a shadow of what it was and should be, hence me moving on. I don't think I'll be shelving Adalicia all together but since achievements, pets, and mounts are account wide I'll certainly have an easier time letting go.
Lore Nerd. Role Player. Raid Leader. Healing Priest. Slightly Annoying. Also Likes Kittens.