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Bluffton, SC
reply to El Quintron

Re: end game

said by El Quintron:

said by bradleym:

Do you mean the same 'lifestyle and perks' that Europe can't pay for and has put the economies of Greece, Spain, et al in the shitter?

Don't you mean hamstrung by the Euro and therefore unable to adjust their currency values, in order to adequately meet their liquidity needs?

You mean devalue their currency against the Euro??? They should have never joined the Euro if they wanted to be able to devalue at will. Defeats the whole object of the Euro. You do know that devaluing your currency hammers the fix income people such as retiree's???? A whole chain of events happens it's not as simple as just saying, "Ok we are going BK let's use inflation to get us out of the mess".

El Quintron
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Etobicoke, ON
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Not versus the Euro necessarily but to have a currency which the local government has control of.

Inflation isn't such a bad thing either considering it reduces debt that's in local currency, which is good for individuals.

Either way the point I was trying to make is that half of this mess comes from individual members not being able to manage their own cash flow, leaving them at a disadvantage... as opposed to platitudes about "evil socialism"
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