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Total HighSpeed Wireless S.W. Missouri MOwip

Interesting experience with this company. Firstly, I am only using this company because, to the best of my knowledge, they are the only option for rural net here that doesn't have a daily or monthly cap on usage. They do, however, have really poor speeds and their plans are labelled very deceptively.
I have the "Ultra Highspeed" package, which nets me at best 250kbps actual down. The rate that I pay is $100 per month with a $199 install fee.
Now, they advertise this as being "This plan is great for heavy gamers or lots of online data transfers"- »www.totalhighspeed.com/residenti ··· tial.php
The reality is, that any hardcore gamer would laugh at this bandwidth. Todays PC games require a fair amount more bandwidth then a 250kbps actual....especially if you plan to use a headset for in game chat. That bandwidth might be perfect for the nintendo wii gamer or the psp, but come on here...that is not a heavy gamer.
Now for the real issues. Since a major storm I have had nothing but problems. These problems only occur during the day. Frequent disconnects and often times lengthy ones at that. Around the evening I go back to a solid connection. To me this is somewhat understandable because I am an electrician by trade, and also a computer tech. As an electrician I have dealt with loads of low voltage gear, from smarthome and satellite stuff, to burglar and fire systems. Typically, when something begins to fail only after a major storm, then you look to water damage.
The fact that the problems only occur during the day is almost always left over water condensating within an enclosure from the heat of the sun. It doesn't even cause problems until the sun is almost directly overhead, which to me is a clear indicator of the problem. Either way, it's day 5 and my connection will undoubtedly be failing any minute.
Which leads to my other issue, I have had this service for a month or two, and already I'm presented with issues. Having a terminal illness, the net is my security blanket and the only thing I have for entertainment. Upon calling this company on day 1, they informed me that it would be 3 days before anyone could come out and confirm what I had already told them over the phone. Of course, the tech that came out failed to find a problem because it is intermittant, and he happened to be here while it was working.
I then found that they hadn't lock down the repeater/receiver and was able to run the tests and view the firmware interface. Within this software I was able to see that during outages I retained a downlink while loosing an uplink. Also noted that the quality of signal was listed as " BAD" with a -78db rating. Now, I don't know what good it considered, but I do know from satellite installs that bad is bad. I told the tech this over the phone and he replied that their software requires too much to get a "good" rating and that it works fine at the -78db.
Okay whatever, I was told during the install that I had a really good connection. Seems fishy to me, but now I can't run the tests or view connection values because they have locked me out immediately after that phone call.
To that end, I would say that you probably don't have any choice if you live in a rural location and do not want a monthly cap, but if you live in Missouri and depend on the internet for your life...then research well before hand the isp options before moving to that cheap house in the woods 30 miles away I would be paying $54 per month and have an actual 3Mbps down with no monthly crap....I mean cap hehe. Lesson learned, time to move again!


Marble Hill, MO
ISP Options?? Smile, Chuckle, and then sigh... For us (Bollinger County in SE-MO) the only options are dialup or satellite. And dialup isn't fast enough and satellite is too expensive, but what else is new?


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Shoot chris an email and see if he can help push a fix through for you. We used to have business services with them and he was always good to work with.



Walnut Grove, MO
Did ya get your internet Fixed I have had Total Highspeed for 1yr and it been great. I got rid of my other provider and they have been up and fast 99.8% of the time .

K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to MOwipBlows
May have been their intent, but got oversold (the weak point of wireless... to many fat fingers in a small pie) and now over burdened, before further build out if they actually intend to.

Also a factor with wireless it can vary tower to tower depending on how well they are provisioned. So someone on another tower have good experience can be irrelevant.