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How to load balance two T-mobile phones?

I spent about an hour digging around to see how to do this, but no joy, so now asking here.

I would love to tether/hotspot two phones to one computer to increase my 3g/4g wireless bandwidth. Windows 7 actually automatically load balances two Internet connections, and the Samsung Galaxy phones running Android tether via USB and connect via wireless flawlessly.

However, it seems that T-mobile has intentionally borked this, as when I try and use both phones (tethered, wireless, and tether/wireless), one phone stops transmitting data.

This is pretty infuriating, as we were sold the package saying it would be sufficiently fast enough to watch streaming video (at least on low resolution). It clearly isn't, but I think with two phones it would be.

So, does anybody know a workaround to fool the phones into thinking they are attached to two separate computers? I was thinking some sort of MAC spoof might work (couldn't think of how else they might know they were tethered to the same computer).

Hoping someone has already BTDT, if not, I'm willing to be the test monkey for this.

Hanzo The Razor


Siren, WI
I think your idea won't work. Load balancing typically is on a per-connection basis, and not per packet, at least not on a consumer level. That means if you were downloading from two different web sites, it would work as expected, but if you try to stream one video (or even run a simply speed test from a single web site) you'll only see one or the other in use.


Did some more digging and found that a specialized router, the "Portabella 141" will do this with multiple wireless data modems.

Contacted them regarding using smartphones, but I suspect it's a pricey unit.


Cobbs Creek, VA
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reply to Hanzo
Connectify will be releasing a program to do load balancing:
... need help? »evdo-tips.com/


Boy howdy! If that works it would be nice. I wonder how it differs from Windows 7 load balancing feature. Thanks!