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When I first enrolled in DirecTV I was quoted $29.99 a month for a year. I was excited! Then after the first month, the bill I recieved was $35.00. Not what I was promised, but still, not too bad. The next few months it seemed to increase 10, 15 dollars everytime. I am positive they nickel and dime you and all the while, we are clueless because they convince you to sign up for their auto draft system for $10 off per month, yet another lie. And don't get me started on the "Free HD for Life" what a crock. It dissappears and can never be reinstated if you downgrade a tier. I dropped ONE tier and *poof* it was gone. So much for free for life. I have been on the phone with them at least once per month since I became a customer, and cannot wait until my contract runs out. The customer service reps can put any discounts they want on it, it just depends on their mood when they answer your phone call. This month, my bill is $96.58. Just for tv, not internet, no DVR. Just Choice package and HD. Don't buy into their lies, it'll break the bank.

I was with DirecTV for a couple of years, their customer service is
almost nonexistent.

SD picture quality is HORRIBLE looks like you are watching a YouTube video in lowest res with lots of digital blocks...the worst, DISH has the best SD picture quality, followed by most cable outlets.

CSRs are most rude the retention ass I spoke to was absolutely the worst CSR I have EVER spoken to in my 30 years of dealing with customer service reps. The guy was yelling at me and threatening as well kept me on the phone after I had requested to cancel at least TEN times.

It was so bad I wrote a snail mail return receipt requested to the former CEO of DirecTV, someone at the executive offices signed for the letter, but I never heard ONE PEEP from anyone at the executive offices!!!!!!!


I hope this scam company goes out of business.
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