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Redford, MI
reply to LelandC

Re: Comcast to Wow?

I use VOIPo and was also happy to find out that I did not need WOW phone. I was a beta tester of VOIPo and VOPoTim gave us a great annual rate that I don't pay attention to the latest deal from anyone.

It linked but stopped working. WOW_Dan looked at it and enabled 3 VPN protocols, and it was back in action since then.

The built-in 4 port router seems to work fine (I added a switch too), and the wireless connectivity works great for me too, so my Linksys loaded with Tomato firmware is retired for now.

Right now I have two printers via ethernet, two desktops, and a PAP2T, a few phones via WiFi, a Tablet on WiFi, and a laptop occasionally on WiFi.

I did reboot the Media Hub/Cable Modem/Internet access (One box) when everything froze for the TVs. (Three TVs connected.)

That was four or five days running, and a couple weeks+ have passed since then. So it is running reliably (for me).

Jim, VoIP 12/2002, VOIPo 2/2007
FAH-Tool~Pets~Join Artist-247