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My views are my own.
reply to StLCardsFan

Re: What now??

He advocates socialism.. short and simple.

The socialists wannabees in this nation piss me off. They get so many things wrong, even their own desire to be a socialist what they often forget that is once you're enslaved by the government you are required to pay for your gifts/entitlements. THAT, however, doesn't work for them in their vision of entitlement. They want to just sit back, use their iPhone or Android, watch YouTube and Hulu, have their coffee dates with friends and use FREE Wifi and express themselves with creative writing OR talk with their fellow friends about how THEY can better the world (hahahahah, that one I love) all wall forgetting that in a socialist word, the government also doles out responsibilities for you. You're enslaved to the government. Oh, and one other point they forget.. socialism often falls and fails.

Socialists and enlistment minded people piss me off so much because they clearly lack any ability to comprehend life in any form yet they whine the loudest and screw up the world for everyone else who wants nothing to do with their lifestyle choice.

By the way the other day I actually head a "friend" of mine say "we just need to get into socialism so we can finally get this nation moving again..." that was the last thing he ever said to me.


you are hilariously uninformed regarding many of the terms in your post.

thanks for the comedy though.


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said by LucasLee:

you are hilariously uninformed regarding many of the terms in your post.

thanks for the comedy though.

I'm far from uninformed. FAR FAR from uninformed. I don't mind certain subsidies which seem to serve as catalysts for everyday people to become even more self-reliant .. such as electricity, roads, internet, telephone...

I draw the line when the incentives to succeed are muddied with the loss of personal responsibility that comes with failure.

If people don't like that ..there are plenty of places across the pond that I'm sure they'd like, but oh wait ..they won't take you for free. Shell out 50-100 thousand dollars up front to many of the socialist countries and you can be lazy there ..and rely on their entitlements.


yeah, my post was in reply to fiberguy. but your misconceptions regarding socialism are also rather evident.

but i don't begrudge any american for such a position. your society has made public discourse regarding socialism difficult to have since most loud voices all equate it essentially to ussr style communism. which it isn't.