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Waldwick, NJ
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reply to burner50

Re: RadioReference.com Change

From what I would personally think as well as what those that seemed to voice their displeasure in the thread before it was closed, the perk associated with providing a feed in the new model/site isn't anything the feed providers are looking for. They were enjoying the perk of the premium sub on radioreference.com associated with the database.

As someone else pointed out, it's referenced as $2.50/mo but it's more accurately $30/yr since you aren't paying month/month. So though the site owner is touting the new "perk" as an $83.40 perk, if you don't want anything the perk offers it's useless. So the folks that did want the current perk are now out $30/yr.

Is $30/yr a lot if it's an important hobby to you - no. But I dropped my $30/yr geocaching.com sub and others such as my XM radio in 2 car subscription, multiple magazine subs, etc because in the end, I was spending hundreds/thousands a year on subs. At some point, enough monthly fees is enough and people make a choice. I happily paid my QRZ.com annual subscription as it's a primary hobby and the value I get is tremendous. I'm sure many will feel the same about radioreference.com if that's a primary hobby, but I think there will be some fallout.

I posted this in the thread but the site owner never responded:

Current cost of site access to RR features for current feed providers: [$0]
Future cost of site access to RR + BCify for current feed providers: [$30]

Current cost of site access to features for RR paid subscribers: [$30]
Future cost of site access to features to RR + BCify for current RR paid subscribers: [$113.40]

If that's filled out, I imagine the expense will be obvious. I could be wrong, but I filled it out with what I think the answer is.
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