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reply to IIgs

Re: Bell sabotage: NO TELEPHONE FOR 3+ DAYS! (Internet 13+ days)

said by IIgs:

As far as sharing this with the Montreal Gazette, or even these forums, what is that going to do? Little to nothing. I'm just another Bell causality statistic, and one that will fade and be forgotten about in short time.

Brings negative attention to the CRTC (who protects the public). Attention they don't want or need.

Brings negative attention to Bell

Brings negative attention to the CCTS who would ignore you.

Brings attention to the bullshit of regulated and unregulated. It's all a scam to the end-user, like us. Just another way the CRTC allows the mega-corps to ignore you, and for the CRTC to ignore you.

It brings these issues to light for the average Joe/Jane.

Eventually, one day, in the future, someone will have to do something since the CRTC, the CCTS and the Telecoms aren't.

People said consumer laws would never change to protect people against the telco's, but it did a couple of years ago.

Don't count out the effect of the press.

I would even give this to the Consumer Union. You aren't alone in this. It happens to many. Maybe one day your experience could show up in a CRTC filing. And if the CRTC ignores it again then Consumer laws could be affected for essential services. Like has already happened.

But that's up to you... It's more of, "damned if you don't try".

I was out phone much longer than you. You are lucky.

Montreal, QC
reply to IIgs

Not even a month following my previous incident(s), on Wednesday, October 10th, BELL CANADA ONCE AGAIN DISCONNECTED MY SERVICES!!

Just as before, my DSL line card was removed. Then the following day after a demand to restore it, they disconnected my voice POTS phone line for most of the day!


Made several calls to report this to the higher ups at Bell. No can do, no system in place for that, just empty promises this won't happen again. It should be noted this is my 5th service pull it a month period.

Time to go to the media? You bet. Bell Canada is a dysfunctional and broken company, more so than one might expect. Quite frankly tampering with an essential service is a serious danger and stories like this need to be made public.


That's.... completely absurd. Good luck going to the media, Bell deserves to get dragged through the mud on this.


·Primus Telecommu..
reply to IIgs
said by IIgs:

Just as before, my DSL line card was removed.

It probably wasn't removed. The ports on a line (termination) card are usually pre-wired to a cross-connect panel either in the OPI (if there's room), or another enclosure. The tech probably removed your loop from that panel.

I see techs around here write on the inside of enclosures, presumably to document where each loop goes.. but obviously that's not happening in your case.

Either way it's pretty sad.. and I feel for ya!