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[Cable] Issue in Ottawa on Richmond Rd POI?

Been rock solid for a year but this morning I've got no inet at home.

I'm on rchrd poi not followfield, in Westboro beach area (churchill and lanark)...

I did notice I now have 8 down 4 up streams bonded, before I was only 4/1 on the Dmc475 last time I checked about a month ago.

The streams all looked fine but I couldn't get into the event log to see any messages, yet I could get to diagnostic page. Reset both modem and router to if it was issue, no change. At work now, maybe it will be fixed this evening, just curious if anyone else was affected.


I live near baseline/heron with the same issue. I am unable to access the diagnostics page or get an ip but I noticed that I now have upstream bonding (upstream LED is blue on my modem, whereas previously I had 4/1).


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I have the same issue, using a SB6120.


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Likely an upgrade going on then... hope it's done by this evening.

I am on 2.08 fw and am just out of my 1 year warranty. I hope the switch to multi stream bonding doesn't bring the disconnect issues others are having I don't want to buy a new modem.


Ottawa, ON
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DCM475 in the Carlington area (not sure which POI that indicates).

Noticed the same.. 8/4. Modem not able to get an IP. If its maintenance, seems funny they didn't notify us first. They're usually pretty good about that.


Ottawa, ON
Update: I checked and it seems my connection is back online. (Thank you, DynDNS)


Ottawa, ON
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I'm on the same POI and had the exact same problem this morning. I couldn't even ping/connect to the cable modem (even after reboot)

come home 8 hours later, and check and now can connect. Upgraded from 4/1 to 8/4 now.

Not sure why it would knock out local access to the modem though.


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Still out in Westboro, same issue as others can't get at modem diag or event log pages, only while it's still booting up, but eventually you get a can't connect error on refresh after the line is fully connected. from the line stats I see though, it is 8/4 bonded channels.


Finally, its back here in Westboro...

Not that I had a problem with speed before, at least using usenet and multiple threads to max out my 28Mbps, but I just downloaded some stuff via http (Nvidia driver update) and got a consistent 3.6 MB/s. Before on a single thread I don't think I would get that in prime time! Hurray for the 8/4 bonding!


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Still out for me. Spoke with support, in order to be able to access the modem I had to go to Local Area Connection and set the IPv4 properties manually, this allowed me to get into the modem but my service is still nonexistant. Tech support said Rogers has to look into it and can take up to 72hrs.