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Waldwick, NJ
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reply to burner50

Re: RadioReference.com Change

said by burner50:

Did you really spend $500 on a digital scanner and hook it up to a $300 computer to save $30/yr?

Because I spend $1500+ on a transceiver doesn't mean the radio I run as an APRS gateway is $1500 when any 2m unit would do. And it's hooked up to an existing computer, not a top end computer purchased and dedicated to APRS.

I considered adding a spare (inexpensive) scanner that would broadcast my local repeater so I could listen while at work and was at my desk. It would be connected to an existing desktop that is always running. No additional cost to me.

I wouldn't pay the $30/yr because of reasons I outlined above. With a mortgage, a $3800/mo college payment for 1 daughter and another daughter starting college next year, expenses of any kind are considered. The perk of the rr db would have been nice while the new perks are completely meaningless to me and it seems the others that were disappointed in the thread.
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