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Acanac doing fine

I am out in Guelph, so here is my experience so far with Acanac, not as bad as people claim they are. They posted on their website approved modems for the high speed 28mb plan, decided to purchase from another source, when I gave them my MAC id and model number, they said it was incompatible even though it was approved. Not a good start, they suggested theirs and after shopping around, the price was the same, so I bought it from them.

When the modem arrived and after reading the instructions, it said I would be live in 7 day after technician installed service. 3 hours after technician left I was live!!! Test speeds first day was 27.5mbps, next day 28mbps during prime time even though they stated speed drops to half during prime time 14mbps. Registered for the VOIP service and got it the next day, no problems installing.

I had to call their 1-800# for a question, and yes it is brutal and times out on you when you are next in line. These guys are running a tight ship and seem to be disjointed between tech support and sales but glad I did not sign up with Rogers. You can complain about these guys all you want, but you can do the same about the other options as well, Bell and Rogers.

Until I have a customer service issue with them, everything is fine with Acanac. Would be nice if you did not have to prepay for the year though but it is excellent performance and value.


Guelph, ON
Fellow Guelphite here as well, and I have also had a good experience since signing up for cable internet (28/1) plan almost 2 years ago. You have to give these guys the benefit of the doubt considering the mega-company alternatives - I support them trying to offer a decent product at a reasonable price.