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reply to bn1221

Re: the issue

Actually not. Verisign/Net solutions runs the .com registry. Even if they go offline no one could update their domain records but the 13 different root server sites would operate.

Godaddy is basically a reseller the interfaces to controller of each registry. You can split your DNS servers across multiple IPs (upto 13).


Cortland, NY

That's not what I said. Reread. The NS record is held by godaddy. That holds several DNS pointers. My NS1 is ATT my NS2 is Sprint. I used to use Godaddy until this week. My email and webservers were offline due to Godaddy's outage. My DNS was NOT on Godaddy, but the DNS recursion failed since the NS record was offlinne.



You can then split your NS records across registrars. They don't have to be NS1.yourdomain.com, NS2.yourdomain.com. I have used upto 3 different providers to run DNS. You permitted a single point of failure because of the vanity NS records.

Like I said you said your were tied to Godaddy DNS servers. I had pulled an emergency switch for a client to dnsmadeeasy during that mess.