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Re: Verizon FIOS TV splitter

I just dropped into your forum because it seems that you're discussing an issue that I am currently engaging. This splitting of the Fios TV signal, is this to split the signal that comes from one of my Version Fios set top HD boxes so that I can watch the same channels on two TVs?

I have four HD boxes currently with four HD televisions, but there are two people in my house unless its a holiday that we may have guest. I cannot afford the $200 a month to have internet access and tv for the four televisions. I was hoping to reduce my monthly charges by using two of the boxes somehow between the four televisions. Do you think this splitting signal could be a solution for me?


Virginia Beach, VA
This discussion is about splitting coax so another box can be added in another room.

You would need to either find a wireless solution to send video to another tv, or if the tvs share a common wall you can use multiple audio/video outputs on the HD Box -- one in the same room as the box and the other run through the wall to the other tv -- I do this in my living room / kitchen. Component video/analog audio to tv in the same room and HDMI to the tv in the kitchen.


Fort Worth, TX
Thank you for clarifying; I was feeling hopeful.

Unfortunately, none of my rooms with TVs have common walls.

Does anyone have an idea for a wireless solution that doesn't have a monthly service fee?
The tiVo boxes have a $15 monthly service charge + $150 for the tiVo box. That would be more expensive than renting another HD box from Verizon.
I just trying to find the cheapest solution to using all four HD TVs and possibly watch recordings made from the multi-room DVR.


Virginia Beach, VA
Something like this should work:

»www.amazon.com/RF-Link-AVS-5811- ··· eless+av