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West Tenness

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reply to rick0204

Re: Love HBO GO but only if under $10.00

said by rick0204:

My cable company - Cablevision - was one of the last to sign on for HBO GO. I cancelled my HBO subscription years ago to go all Netflix. I recently tried HBO GO and I love it. The HD is much better then the live channels and the library is very good. I watched every episode of my favorite show again - "Six Feet Under". Some of the episodes I never watched in HD or at all. Unfortunately Cablevision wants $14.95 for HBO and HBO GO. That is just too much for the service, even when GOT is showing new episodes. A stand alone HBO GO for $9.95 would be perfect. The Roku community has been asking for this since the start of HBO GO. I love my Roku and would love to add HBO GO, but only if it is under $10.00.

It's people like you that is why HBO won't change. HBOGo if offered as stand alone would not be cheaper than the $15 cable charges. And really if you're not paying for cable, $15 is a good deal. Quit expecting something for nothing.