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reply to Tinytommy

Re: PVR Drive Cycling

Resent firmware versions:
Oct 2010 – – HSUD started
May 2011 – – HDD running 24/7
Sep 2012 – – HSUD returned
Oct 2012 – – HDD running 24/7 again

Although some may think running the HDD 24/7 is a waste of energy, it is only a small percentage of the PVR power consumption (around 5 watts).

Non-scientific test: While looking at the front of your PVR after it’s been turned off for at least a couple of hours, run your hand over its top. The RHS (above the HDD) is not as warm as the centre (above the CPU) or the LHS (above the power supply).

Other PVR manufactures like Motorola have had there HDDs running 24/7 for years with no issue.

These things were designed in an era when energy efficiency was not that important.


Markham, ON
said by LeadFoot:

These things were designed in an era when energy efficiency was not that important.

There were no regulations or no Energy Star testing and the boxes were most likely designed as cheaply as possible. Cable companies wouldn't care since it's the consumer that's paying the hidden electricity costs. Set top boxes are ubiquitous now so there is more concern about power. Two STBs can use as much power as a fridge.

»www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?fus ··· _code=ST


London, ON
This is the problem with Rogers. They're going backwards all the time. We had STBs back in the '70s.

The object of the game is to eliminate peripherals and consolidate the hardware required into a single unit eg: the television/HTPC/Media Center itself. This requires far less power consumption and more end user control over the device.

Figures Rogers will drag us kicking and screaming back to the stone age............


Manotick, ON
reply to pmd
Now that the immediate problems have been solved, please everyone stop posting your opinions about what Rogers "should" be doing or what you "think" is the problem. It's patently obvious by now Rogers doesn't respond unless they have something to announce (I followed only 3 during the current fiasco and Rogers made announcements in all but their own forum!). Oh and my latest tweet to @reogershelp why the drives need to be on 24/7 got "ask the manufacturer".


Scarborough, ON
If you email Cisco, they tell you to contact your ISP. I tried this with the firmware fiasco and got nowhere with Cisco. Pass the buck time! LOL!


Manotick, ON
I did reply that since Rogers had pushed the updates I assumed they know the reason for the changes and why the drive was again on 24/7.

My (very) old LG recorder is totally off until it needs to record. Never wakes me up even when it turns on to record. I can't live with the 8300HD drive noise when I'm sleeping. I know the newer ones are quieter but are they really "quiet" in a quiet bedroom?