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Elkhorn, WI

[ActionTec] replacing a ActionTec GT704WG Router???

I currently have an isp (TDS Wisconsin) issued aDsl/modem combo that is having issues powering on. After power outages, it comes on with dim lights and I have to flick the power switch on and off about 20x till the lights come on the regular brightness and it will initialize.

I'd rather not buy another one of these from my isp. Is there a regular, currently marketed name-brand thing I can buy to replace this device and what settings will I will to note down off the isp issued device?

Do you usually have to call the isp to get something like this connected? Do they have to authorize the mac address or something?

I've wanted to replace this thing since the day they sent it to me but I've been nervous about doing it. I know they will not support 3rd party devices so I'm on my own setting it up.

Thank you for any help or advice.


Saint-Laurent, QC
Check if the power adapter is faulty or if the connector is loose.

You need the VCI/VPI setting for your area and the Username and Password given to you by the ISP and you are set to go.
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Try looking for a Thomson 500 or 700 series modem/router if you do want to replace your Actiontec.


Elkhorn, WI
Just to follow up on this post....

I got the ActionTec GT784WN Router from Best Buy figuring I could return it if it didn't work out. I did a manual DHCP set up and it connected right away. I did not need any password from the isp (TDS). I only changed the default password on the modem as common security.

Then I had issues with the lousy Broadcom card in my laptop only connecting at 72 Mbps. I got extremely infuriated and ripped it out and replaced it with an Intel 6300 series and added a 3rd antenna.

After every possible configuration change the laptop mostly connects at 300 Mbps but its most common to find it at 144 Mbps when I go to shut it down but still that's double what I had before the adapter change and a huge improvement over the obsolete and failing G router.

So far the modem has disconnected from the isp only once and it reconnected on it's own. I have not had to reboot it. I was concerned about this as reviewers reported this issue and I do live in a rural area with a long (60ms+) first hop so it would be a pain to have to reset the router several times a day but so far it's not happened.

I do find the wireless will sometimes drop to 1-5 Mbps for no particular reason but then recover after a few minutes on it's own.

I guess I am happy so far with the network upgrades but I still wish I had a sexy 450 Mpbs router!