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Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to FF4m3

Re: Google disables SSL compression in Chrome against new attack

said by FF4m3 :

said by Mele20:

I don't like the possible threat it poses to Proxo even if you use Proxo with the files that make it able to filter HTTPS sites which I have never done. FF4m3 says he had to disable it in Fx so that Proxo will filter HTTPS correctly

From SPDY: An experimental protocol for a faster web I learned that SPDY has a goal to reduce the bandwidth currently used by HTTP by compressing headers, an admirable objective.

However, SPDY compresses request and response HTTP headers. Not so good for Proxo's digestive process. Hence my disabling of SPDY capabilities in Firefox.

And even though the SPDY is spoken "speedy" It might not really be that fast today...


An independent study shows that, in testing, the page load time with SPDY is not significantly different on most websites from HTTP or HTTPS,[41] because old optimization techniques such as splitting the content between many hosts prevent pipelining from taking place.

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