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Mississauga, ON
reply to pmd

Re: PVR Drive Cycling

I think there was a firmware update. I noticed it cycling the drive a lot recently as well.

Ontario, CAN
It is the firmware that's causing the drive to spin up and down all the time right? It doesn't have anything to do with the drive being some kind of PM/APM drive that just selectively powers down due to inactivity? I wish if Rogers could actually get the firmware right I could then just write protect the firmware from being flashed until I decide to unlock it. I either want the damn freaking drive to either just stay on 24/7 or power down when not in use (IE: no scheduled recordings, powered off, no background maintenance)... Why does it have to spin up and down up and down up and down every 3-5 minutes!?? If I knew how to hack into the firmware I'd make the change on my own unit. I want some control over my own hardware.
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Manotick, ON

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Just had a chat with tech support, who re-initialized the pvr. I could get no answers to the cause of the problem - basically he said it could be anything. Stonewalling usually means they don't want you to know. Hard to believe they don't know after all this time. My old "dumb" hard drive recorder just used my recording times, which only requires a turn-on for the next recording. Rogers pvr uses recording methods (on any channel at any time) that I assume require referencing the live tv guide. Shouldn't require checking every few minutes but who knows. Just as I was sending this, the drive spins up about 2 minutes from last one I heard. Simply not acceptable for a pvr to operate this way.
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Manotick, ON
reply to avernar
Yes the problems started right after a firmware update Sept. 13. I called Rogers again today to report that both my SA8300HD PVRs have the HSUD (Hard drive Spinning Up and Down) problem so it isn't a hardware glitch. Phone support guy says I'm the ONLY CALL about it. The guy hung up on me when I insisted there are others, so if you don't call be prepared for nothing getting fixed. Like in Nov 2010-May 2011
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