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Salinas, CA

[HD] Xfinity Starter --> HD channels

I have ordered Starter Triple Play, for a Monday install. I ordered via the web site, and asked for HD equipment. But when I look at the channel listing for my area, HD channels are not shown in the Starter package. And there was no option during the sign up to pay an HD upgrade fee. I could choose HD equipment - HD DVR is free for 6 months with Starter - so I assumed I would get HD channels.

But the channel listing has me wondering.

Anybody know if Starter includes HD channels when HD equipment is installed?


Miami, FL
I wouldn't trust the channel listing. I would wait until you have your service installed and then check. In my area (and I believe this is true for most markets), the HD channels are in the upper band (channels 200+).
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Lincroft, NJ
reply to JNhome
In my area, HD channels are shown as available in the Digital Starter tier, but when I looked up the channel lineup using a Salinas, CA area address, I see that (except for GMC HD at 814) the HD ones (in the 700's and 800's) are not shown as included in Digital Starter, like you said.

As for the Triple Play packages, all the packages except Starter have "HD" in their name, and state "HD service included" in their descriptions, so it looks like with the Starter Package, one would have to add the $9.95/mo "HD Technology Fee" to get the HD channels, if they are indeed available with Digital Starter in that area.

As for the free HD DVR, I'm not sure if Comcast still has any SD ones to provide customers anymore. It may only mean that the DVR is "HD Capable" if HD service is activated on an account.

So I would say you should call Comcast Customer Service at 1-800-COMCAST and ask them if you will/can get the HD channels with that package.


reply to JNhome
I lived in Santa Cruz and had digital starter + $10 HD fee upgrade and got about 15-20 HD so there are HD channels included.