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Warwick, RI
reply to drumz0rz

Re: All Large (~3GB+) Files Download Corrupt

You said your friend's FiOS connection did not reproduce problem. Is he on coax or cat5? And what version of Actiontec does he have?

Since you indicate the download completes instead of stalling or timing out, do you have a byte count or file size you know is accurate? »askville.amazon.com/Downloading- ··· d=625358 suggests saving to the C: drive instead of a secondary drive, and suggests an ISP cache may be at fault and recommends a different port than 80. There is a download manager recommended by one person there. I have no idea how effective it might be over built in systems.

Otherwise, switching to cat5 and running wired directly to the ONT sounds like it would eliminate MoCA connection and Actiontec as the problem source.

To get a replacement router, exchange it at your local FiOS store. You might want to call first. I was in my local store where they said they didn't have any problems exchanging routers. However, they only had Rev.E on hand. If you call tech support and say your router isn't working (just don't tell them it's because you unplugged the power cord), they will send another one. Some people might say that's cheating the system, but I say if you have really eliminated all possibilities other than the router, then sometimes you have to tell the chat bots what they need to hear.


East Northport, NY
I was at my friend's house the other night. He has a Rev. F router (lucky him) and it is connected via coax. I'm going to try and get a replacement from Verizon before trying to switch to Ethernet. My ONT and my Router are fully across the house and a floor apart, and I'd rather not have to run ~70ft of cat5 through walls if I can avoid it.


East Northport, NY
reply to drumz0rz
Just an update for anyone who might come here with a similar issue. I managed to talk to a very nice Verizon tech the other night, with an unrelated issue, and I mentioned this problem. He didn't hesitate to issue me a replacement router. Amazing considering the impasse I reached before.

I got the router in the mail 2 days later, and it was a Rev. I, looked like a refirb, but who cares. Swapped it out and the problem is gone. I'm very happy.


I came here a few days ago with the same problem. Large file downloads (basically MSDN subscriber ISO downloads and OSX Mountain Lion installs) were consistently failing hash validation. All this began when I had my fios upgraded to 75/35 from 35/20ish.

I had a MI424WR-GEN2 Rev E router. Called up support and told the lady what I discovered here. It took a little convincing but she did send me a new router. She said she could only send me either a Rev. F or Rev. G. I figured anything newer had the chance to help.

The router arrived yesterday and is a Rev.I. After I got it plugged in I downloaded over a dozen 2+ GB ISO downloads. All of them succeeded. With the previous router none of them would typically succeed.

I'm not sure what the router window is but hopefully my details will help us narrow it down.

Thank you for all the help!


Ellicott City, MD
·Verizon FiOS
reply to drumz0rz
Isn't there a CRC32 value on each packet? If the local protocol stack detects a CRC error, would it keep requesting retransmits until the value matched? (that's one of the nifty things that TCP should do for you) There [shouldn't be] any corrupt packets that get past this mechanism.


I have the same problem with large downloads and yes I suspect it's the router, too bad for me that I've not convinced Verizon to issue me a new one


Howell, NJ
Try the vz direct forum. Or the vz Facebook support page.

reply to drumz0rz
That's weird I've never ever had a corrupt file that wasnt corrupt at the source and I download TBs a year.

Connection shouldn't effect it, you should be able to pull the connection during a download and connect it again and download should still not get corrupt, this is the whole purpose of TCP being used for data rather than UDP, no amount of dropped packets should cause a download to become corrupt, sounds like something software related.

75/35 FIOS || MSN Msgr: scott001^gmail_com