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Mississauga, ON
reply to metalhawk

Re: PVR Drive Cycling

said by metalhawk:

With this release, some people (you can read about it at Digital Home) have it happen WHILE they watch recorded shows. So it freezes while the drive shuts down and starts again once it spins right back up.

I thought it was my external drive going bad causing that. Grrrr.

The most annoying thing is setting up recordings from the guide. They made the Tune To Channel option the default. Why the heck would I want to tune to the channel when I'm hours/days forward in the guide? Morons.


Markham, ON
Just like how on the 8462 "Resume Program" is now the SECOND playback option. But here's the thing: if "Resume" was the default and you hit it by accident, you can always hit stop and start back at the beginning. But as it is now with "Play from Start" as the default, if you hit it by accident (as I've often done because the thing is so damn slow and laggy) there is NO way to get back to where you were quickly.

And right now, the playback progress bar is MASSIVE - taking up nearly 1/3rd of the screen. I don't know when this happened, but I'm looking at it right now.

There are so many bad design/behavior changes on the new 8642 interface... and the stupid part is they keep changing. Almost every day something's different, and when they make 1 thing better they break or mess up 2 or 3 other things.


Manotick, ON
The only thing I can do is unplug the PVR when I'm not using it - better than burning it out. When this was happening about a year ago I nearly ditched it. Then one day it stopped.
fyi the firmware upgrade that started this again was Sep. 13, 2012 at 5am
Computing 46 years and still get annoyed at tech problems.