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Woodbridge, VA
reply to Acc708

Re: Verizon FIOS TV splitter

said by Acc708:

said by aaronwt See Profile
My ONT goes to an eight way splitter and is still a very hot signal. I can split it a couple more times and then go to a four Tuner TiVo which splits it again and the signal is still very hot. The signal was like this for five years with my old ONT and also with the new ONT I got when I upgraded to the 150/65 tier.

You're probably running about 14 db on oob and 19 db on ch 126. Subtract 11.5 db for a 6 way or 12.5 for an 8 way and the loss through the cable and you will be at about zero. Anymore splitting than that is pushing the envelope. It might work for you, but your moca rates are not going to be great and thus making you susceptible to problems.

When I was using MoCA(I had two DLink MoCA devices and two TiVo Elites using MoCA) I got around 70Mb/s to 75Mb/s transfer rates between my TiVo Elite boxes. Which was slower than the normal 80Mb/s to 85Mb/s transfer rates using their GigE connection.