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Anubis Prime

Pittsburgh, PA


I have an option at work to get a discount on both Verizon and at&t. I chose at&t.

While I don't have the need to go on the internet while talking on the phone I like the option to do so if I really needed to that .01% of the time.

Is that a limit of CDMA?

The other thing I didn't like about Verizon is the lack of SIM cards. I've had several situations where swapping the card to another phone was lifesaving. The old phone died at night, and I needed a phone. I grabbed an old phone, popped the SIM in, and it worked. I didn't need to go to the store to make it work.
Give me Liberty, or I'll give you death!


The Verizon phone has a SIM, all LTE phones have SIM cards.

The Verizon phone is also compatible with the normal CDMA technologies (EVDO Rev A and B), LTE on Verizon and Sprint, and GSM/HSDPA+ on T-Mobile and AT&T. So basically it can do everything the AT&T phone can do minus SVDO and AT&T LTE.

Greenville, TX
reply to Anubis Prime
Regarding that last part...
I love being able to swap batteries

That being said... CDMA, on it's own, cannot support both data & voice streams simultaneously. However, Verizon's LTE handsets use both CDMA radios and an LTE sim, which means that the data goes over LTE & the voice goes over CDMA.

However, the iPhone is an exception (as per usual) lol.

Naperville, IL
Sprint already support SVDO, which allow data and voice on 3G, not sure about Verizon, its just Apple deciding not to support SVDO


reply to AnonFTW
But his point is that Verizon has no SIM that you can move to another phone and use to make phone calls.

There is no voice over LTE yet.

So while LTE phones might have SIMs, they do no good except for data.