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Richmond Hill, ON

Acanac, never see such bad service before

I ordered DSL, but no signal in the 2nd week, so called acanac technical support. Calling them everyday for 2 weeks, every time waiting time is longer than 3 hours; sometimes when I getting close, the line was cut. Never get a chance to tall to a person!

Then I sent a cancellation request on Aug13, here is their answers copied below

Acanac - Inc. ( Mehdi.M ) Posted on 23 Aug 2012,
As I checked your fee is going to be refunded in next 24Hrs

Acanac - Inc ( Razieh ) Posted on 25 Aug 2012,
Your cancellation request is confirmed by my colleagues in "30 day money back" department. The refund will be issued within the next few days. Please kindly wait.

Acanac Inc. Accounting (Roghieh) Posted on 03 Sep 2012,
Sorry for the delay, refund might take 10-12 days.

Today is Sep14, one month from my cancellation request, still did not see any money back!!!


I'm an IT for 18 years and I never saw a bad service like Acanac gives to their customers...

Been with them for 3 years... and yes, Acanac has the worst customer service you can get!


My VoIP phone is not receiving any calls since March 28th, their solution? Change my phone number! They can't fix it! Don't even try to talk to someone, only by email with ticket ID... takes at least 2 days minimum to get an answer, up to 15 days in my case! I paid 1 year in advance on November 27th and it's not solved yet! By the way, we are now Sep 17th... Will I get a credit? Hope so!, I still work on that!!! Finally, I changed my phone number, but took a new provider! Since I had no choice than changing my phone number, I took a new company!

By the way, the sound quality for VoIP was not the best I've seen! That's another thing I had to communicate with Ticket over messages for a long time!


I also had problem with an internet cable order. I was with them for 3 years in DSL. I wanted to switch to Cable. I asked them first if I could use my own modem, their answer was YES.

So, I bought a Modem Cable from their supported list, placed the order and then got an answer two days later: Sorry, you cannot use your own modem, you have to buy from acanac!

Hello? I asked first to get the proper information: Could I use my own modem... Their customer service told me YES in August! Sales say NO after buying my modem and put the order, Billing and Retention say YES today... Support then say NO today again!
Their internet site? Yes on the order page, no in the information page... that's why I asked first!

I have all information written from them in different Ticket used for communication... I'm not joking!

If you want sevice, don't go with them... For pricing, that's OK if you're getting everything working without any issue.



Richmond Hill, ON
That's is quite true! They never ever fullfill their promise.

Just wonder, anybody get refund successfully from Acanac? The only answer I got till now is "sorry for delay", still didn't see any money back.


Finally got my refund after months of mails and tickets! (no service on VoIP since March 28Th)

I paid a full year in advance. They wanted to charge me month to month at regular price at 19.95$/Mth for months used and give my credit of the full year in at advance at 9.95$...

I refused, they checked with their supervisor and finally I got the credit on what I paid...

It was really hard to solve!

But it's not over yet with them, I also have problems with my Internet Cable order... Still working on that for about 2 months...
I hope we'll find a way to solve that soon!


Toronto, ON

I also have problems with my Internet Cable order

said by "Agiguere" :
I also have problems with my Internet Cable order... Still working on that for about 2 months...
I hope we'll find a way to solve that soon!
What is the problem with your Cable order Agiguere.

If you can IM me your Account Info as follows.
Cable Username :
Ticket # :
Last 4 #'s on your Credit Card :

I will see what I can do to rectify the problem.



Thanks to Acanac staff that take care of forums...

Only stange that the follow up and answers are faster in forums than the official ticket system!