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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to The Limit

Re: Reasonable

said by The Limit:

Just ignore him.

Anywho, I speak of future things to come. Sure, at this instant the majority of consumers aren't hitting that cap, but what's stopping them from bumping into it in the next few years. I mean you have way more information on usage patterns than I do (which I covet, by the way), so my problem is inherently distrusting a for profit company that "engaged" in deceptive advertising a few years ago, and then lied about its cap, and then set a cap across the board that they do not enforce everywhere. I know this happened a while back, but you know what they say, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I mean it's like trusting a car salesman to tell you the reasonable worth of a car with profit included. It's just not safe. I know that this can be implied across all industries, but this is something that really bothers me.

I do agree with you. Who knows what will happen in the next couple years. Broadband use is increasing. More streaming services will be out by then. If there is anything I have learned from the broadband industry, they will change to adapt to what the mainstream wants. If something new comes out that everyone uses and broadband use goes through the roof, then Comcast and the rest of the companies will adjust the cap up. The cap has already been adjusted up 50gb.

I think we have a good chart on usage patterns already.

» ··· #Chart19

There really needs to be an education of the userbase though. I have told my dad about it and he checks it now. He doesn't go over 100gb in a month but they stream a lot of Netflix.
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