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This is a sub-selection from I just registered.



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Re: I just registered.

said by dra6o0n:

said by FFH5:

said by xenophon:

My fiberhood (ranked in the 50s because of major registration issues in my hood) will deploy in Fall of 2013.

Taking a year to get 1/3 of the areas wired? This is a PR project and not a business.

It's a city that doesn't have a highly developed internet network. What do you think?

KC was one of first metros to have broadband in the mid-90s, has several ISPs and overbuilders, a bunch of sonet rings through the metro and over a dozen long haul providers. KC is probably above average developed. It's just the low income areas that have less broadband users (about 20-25% do not, which is US avg). Google selected the two low income areas of the metro as part of rollout so skews the appearance for whole city/metro.