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Upgrade and keep unlimited

Had a question about upgrading and keeping my unlimited 4g. I am eligible for an upgrade now..... my question is, can I switch the upgrade to my wife's phone, get the phone and sign a new (not unlimited) contract under her phone, then when I get the phone I switch to my number? All the while NOT signing a new two year on my line.... thus keeping unlimited?

There must be something I am missing, because I don't think this is plausible.......

Apex, NC
Call customer service and ask to be sure.


Mulberry, FL
reply to anon123
Absolutely what you would do. Verizon has it labeled transfer upgrade. Your wifes contract gets renewed but phone activates to a different number. Thus you keep unlimited.


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said by kevnich24:

Absolutely what you would do. Verizon has it labeled transfer upgrade. Your wifes contract gets renewed but phone activates to a different number. Thus you keep unlimited.

I had the same question as the OP. This is great news. I just want to see if what I plan on doing is actually the same as the OP

I am going to be signing a new contract with Verizon for my work line, which I am the primary on. I have a second plan, my personal line, which is unlimited with an Iphone 4. So I should be able to get the iPhone 5 at the subsidized price on my work line, and then switch my current Iphone 4 on my unlimited plan to my work plan, and then switch the Iphone 5 from my work plan to my personal plan while still retaining unlimited data, correct?

Sorry if this is exactly what the OP asked, I just want to make sure.

EDIT: My existing personal plan with the Iphone 4 is 3g, if that makes a difference.


Willard, MO
reply to anon123
You will be able to switch phones to different accounts without a penalty, HOWEVER, if you buy a subsidized phone from Verizon for an account with unlimited data, then they WILL switch you to a shared plan. No ifs ands or buts about it.

Andover, NJ
Any insight how that works on a family share plan?
Currently we have 1 "featureless" phone, and 2 smart phones on a 700 minute/unlimited data plan. There are 2 upgrades available in the account.

What will happen if I do a subsidized upgrade on one of the phones? Will the entire account convert to a "share everything in your wallet" plan?
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Willard, MO
As I understand it, any subsidized upgrade and they require you to change the entire plan to a family share plan. Only way to keep unlimited data on any plan is to buy your phone at full price or buy one off Craigslist or Ebay and then change out phones.


Staten Island, NY
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So I can buy a phone from Ebay and then just go online to Verizon to switch it? I will still keep my unlimited data?


Palmyra, VA

Birmingham, AL
reply to anon123
I have an unlimited plan, plus the mobile hotspot (which adds 30 a month). If I upgrade my phone will this go to a capped plan even if I keep the mobile hotspot?


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If you buy a new phone at a DISCOUNTED, or a SUBSIDIZED price DIRECT from Verizon Wireless, the UNLIMITED Data line will be forced to a Tiered Data plan (2GB@$30/month minimum).

If you buy a new phone WITHOUT a DISCOUNT or a SUBSIDY (aka FULL RETAIL) from Verizon Wireless, or from a 3rd-party source such as eBay, Craigslist, etc., your plan WILL NOT CHANGE.

In other words, DO NOT expect to upgrade to the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III or 16GB iPhone 5 for $199 while keeping your UNLIMITED Data Plan.

If you want to keep your UNLIMITED data plan, you must pay FULL PRICE for the next "upgrade."

With that said (since that will cover 99% of the cases), if you have another line which is eligible for an upgrade on your current Family Share Plan account, you can upgrade the eligible line at the discounted price (once again, if you have UNLIMITED data, the eligible line used for the upgrade will be forced to choose a NEW TIERED data plan; UNLIMITED data is no longer available when discounts/subsidies are used). You will need to activate the phone once it comes in, and then you can "swap" or "transfer" the new phone to another line with UNLIMITED data and KEEP the UNLIMITED data.

For those of us who still have Unlimited Data and are upgrading to a 4G LTE device, we have the option (currently), to add the $30/month 4G Smartphone Hotspot feature. This is also a UNLIMITED data plan without Throttling, Caps, or Overages (until Verizon decides to implement them).