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Winder, GA

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Re: September Desktops

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I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record... However, I love to see something new or end-user built. This is my latest (pawn shop) creation. Yes, my hobbie is to go to all the pawn shops and buy cheap, low end computers, and so forth. This hobbie is cheap and I find it very intertaining. Becides - its cheaper than a cathouse. This one is AMD (always) - simple gentoo, awesome wm, vicious, and blingbling. You guys have seen most of my collection (always FreeBSD and Gentoo: I can't figure anything else out). My higher-end LT's are all FreeBSD and CO owned w/no X11. Believe it or not the .jpg you guys are looking at is sometimes used to shell into my work to do my job! I have 13 nodes on my home network (not including the Mac I purchaced for my wife). Do you guys think I'm crazy??