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Toronto, ON

[DSL] VDSL with UTM (Astaro/Sophos)

Where my DryLoop comes in...
Hi all,

First time poster, long time follower.
Allow me to briefly explain my issue -

I have been with TekSavvy since 2009 (at two different houses) and think they are a great company.

At my current House, I had their (now discontinued) 16up/1down DSL service through a dry loop. It worked fantastic for months.. but starting in August I had issues where the modem (TP-Link 8816) would loose sync... then get it back. The frequency at which this occurred and the downtime before I could get it up again slowly got longer and longer.

Obviously I had been speaking with TekSavvy support - and was trying to do everything except have them open a ticket with Bell (for obvious reasons. Bell is bane of my existence). Bought a new modem.. nothing, different jack... nothing, plug directly into the POTS splitter... nothing). I should explain I could not test the NID... as I do not have one. I have attached above what I have.

I had planned to upgrade to their 25/10 anyway - so I thought it would be a good time to do so as they might be able to fix the issue.. kill 2 birds with one stone.

It took over 2 weeks to finally get myself to the point where I can connect to the cell pipe 7130 and surf. The problem is, the loosing connection issue is back.. with a vengeance. It disconnects every 30 minutes.

Now I am wondering however if perhaps it has to do with the way I use the modem. I restored it to factory settings, as I just want it to be a dumb modem and use my Unified Threat Management system - the Sophos UTM 9 (formally known as Astaro Security Gateway).

When I plug the modem into my server, and put in the settings (teksavvy username/pass) there is a checkbox for VDSL. If I check it, the modem doesn't connect at all. If I leave it unchecked, it connects - but will loose sync within 30min.

It's not a modem issue because TekSavvy already did a modem swap (I have 2 right now.. both have the same issue).

Essentially this whole loose sync issue started even before the switch to VDLS seemingly out of nowhere.

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, questions, comments? I'm getting sort of desperate because my job requires a stable internet connection.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much,

TSI Keith

Hello there,

I'd like to start by having a look at your line stats from our end. Can you post here: »TekSavvy Direct with your account info so I can have a look please?

Thank you,
TSI Keith (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.