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Saint-Laurent, QC

What is the Best ADSL Modem ?

As the topic says, which is the best wired ADSL/ADSL2/ ADSL2+ router modem one can buy these days, Motorola Netopia, Thomson, Siemens etc... ?

I want to stock up if the price is right and sell a couple !


Elkhorn, WI
Best? I've been looking and all I can come up with is 2 lousy options for aDSL modem with router in the United States:

D-Link RangeBooster N ADSL2+ Modem Router DSL-2740B - wireless router - DSL - Mfr Part# DSL-2740B and

Actiontec Wireless N DSL Modem Router GT784WN - wireless router - DSL - Mfr Part# GT784WN-01

Cisco/Linksys X2000 is out due to only 3 port switch being a deal breaker and their nice X3000 only being offered in the UK

Netgear N600 has delicious specs but such horrid hardware/customer service issues that that Amazon actually halted sales of the product due to complaints so scratch that brand for now their modems can't stay connected

I find mixed reviews on the ActionTec and no reviews on the D-Link so though I'd rather go with the D-Link, I'm leaning towards picking the known issues of the ActionTec which seems similar to the Netgear issues: Works great at first but then will start dropping connection especially with high volume/multiple wifi connections after 2 days-2 months. Unlike Netgear though, half the ActionTec people seem to get a modem that continues to work without issues. Looks to be a crap shoot as far as quality goes. If anyone can recommend the D-Link as still working great after several months, I'm happy to change my mind before I buy!

I wish there was a reliable stand-alone aDSL modem I could get then buy a separate kick ass router with gigabyte lan and dual band. Such a device does not seem to exist currently (the modem not the router).

Why is only obsolete crap offered in the US? Every manufacturer has a great modem offered in the UK.

BTW: Motorola makes what looks like a nice cable modem but can't find a similar aDSL one


Saint-Laurent, QC
I want to try the Actiontec GT701D as well, it has the TI/Infineon AR7 chipset that is used in the Siemens 4200 and 5200 series line of modems that is said sync well with noisy and long line conditions. I also don't know if Actiontec provides updates to firmware frequently ?

The Thomson line of modems seem to be popular in the UK, less so here in Canada because of higher cost.

I just want a good ""wired" modem that is almost non existent at the local retail level, I detest wireless router/modems that seem to be all the rage these days that merchants seem only to carry in stock, maybe it is because they can get better profits with it ...idk