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[HSI] Two Issues - Straight Answers

I was told over a week ago that Charter was no longer going to support wireless and that gateways will not be replaced. What's the real story?

Issue #2 in Madison, WI I was told by a tech that the bump up from 15 to 30Mps and the return of students a couple of weeks ago created a huge increase in demand that the current infrastructure cannot handle. Internet service has been poor ever since and customers have not been informed of the truth. Does this explanation seem reasonable?


Rochester, MN
Wireless is not offered in charter's new pricing structure. Wireless gateways are still supported and replaced if you're in an old pricing plan.


reply to rojosky
the modem router combos are gone for now we will be bringing them back in about 2 months from what i've heard/also if you currently have one we are offering to replace your combo for a modem and a brand new router

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This time of year you always hear stories of ISP's blaming bad connections/internet services on students returning to school.

said by charterguy:
"the modem router combos are gone for now we will be bringing them back in about 2 months"

More bad planning on Charters part, to switch stuff around like they did and NOT have tons of combo units available and ready!
The Firefox alternative.


All KMAs have routers available. There is no word yet on router combos. only existing internet customers are eligible for a router.


Madison, WI
reply to rojosky
Thanks for mentioning this! I am in Madison, was on 3Mps plan before. Everything was ok, until Sept. 9, my connection becomes very unstable. At the first few days, I could sometimes get on the Internet at night. But from Sept. 19, my connection is down almost every evening, especially after 8PM when everyone is using it.

The modem lights are very very unstable, or not on at all. I either cannot get connect, or when I get connect, it will take 5-10 minutes just to load a page.

I have THREE Charter technicians coming in from last Friday, Sept. 20, two in house guys, and one line guy. The first technician told me my modem was broken, so he called sale dept., and put me on the 1 year promotion for 30Mps plan, and also gave me a new Docsis 3 modem.

But I still cannot get connected after 8PM since. NONE of the three techs could solve the issue. The third one was a line guy, he came on Sunday afternoon, it happens the connection went back on when he came. So he told me the line is fine. But then after 7pm, the connection went back down again.

Tomorrow I will have another one coming. This is really really frustrating.