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Hilo, HI
reply to MagnusM

Re: Google disables SSL compression in Chrome against new attack

I already have older versions of SeaMonkey. I have several versions of every browser.

As for Opera, yes, Opera made a bad decision to try and keep up with other browser makers insane schedule. Since 11.0 Opera has been producing seriously buggy final versions which was never the case before 11.0. But Opera, I suppose, has felt the need to do this. They, like Mozilla, are scared of the crappy Chrome browser. And they have to worry about the vast majority of computer users who like Chrome for the very reasons that most (not you though) knowledge computer users dislike it, and avoid it, or at least use Iron.

The ignorance of the masses has, as usual, forced terrible problems for those who bother to educate themselves. A less rapid release schedule is far superior to the garbage we get now with all the browsers in this insane race to be faster in the release schedule out of the real fear that the ignorant of computer users will believe that only the fastest to release new versions browser is a good one. That, of course, is absurdly ridiculous, and a lie, but it is easy to fool those who refuse to take any responsibility to educate themselves about computers but still insist on using them!
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson

Name Game
Grand Rapids, MI

Well I think I am correct in assuming that the highest level of OS you run is XP and maybe still only SP2 and that really limits one to browser choices and even how those choices really run in XP compared how they run on newer OS's offered by Microsoft. Yes many of those other browsers will run on XP and they are advertised that way..but I think in reality they might not be that safe just because of the XP architect.
I have the same problem with so many of my friends and family that I help..but at least they have the latest SP's for XP and then all the other updates to make it as secure as possible.

They are not rocket scientist..and just want two things..to enjoy the internet and all it's features on the sites they frequent..and not to get infected. They don't have time to run and install other plugins or proggies to keep them safe and would not even understand why they need them..so options are limited.
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