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This is a sub-selection from Just Wish I'd Known!


Hendersonville, TN
reply to PeteC2

Re: Just Wish I'd Known!

AT&T/Bellsouth had a cap?! Guess what? No one at that service ever let me know so I can only guess that between myself and our daughter (DH doesn't use the internet) we never got to that 150 gb cap (knowing how we're "running" now on Comcast makes me say that in all honesty). We were on a bundle with internet and home phone and were at the highest level DSL we could go in our neighborhood. UVerse wasn't offered so we had no other course than to try Comcast. Those are the only two internet services offered here. Interesting to find that out since the bill never stated anything about a cap. Nice to be in the "dark" .... not!

Got Mouse?
Bristol, CT
When AT&T went to a 150gb cap a couple of years back, it was announced via email to subscribers. I never saw a mention of that in the bill, anymore than I did when I switched to Comcast last spring.

Although caps usually will be mentioned in the TOS, I agree that most ISPs are not exactly up front about their caps policies.

I will agree with the ISPs in one respect however: Most users are in little danger of exceeding the caps, and that this is an issue primarily concerning a very small percentage of users...whether it is a mere 1%, or perhaps a bit more than that (but certainly less than say 5%) I will leave to the experts, but based on your posts, I would be doubtful that a 300gb cap will ever cost you anything.
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