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RR Conductor
NWP RR Inc.,serving NW CA
Redwood Valley, CA

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reply to DrDrew

Re: Extreme 305

said by DrDrew:

It's FIBER to your home

Companies here in NorCal like Surewest and and Sonic are offering FTTH for FAR Less than 300 bucks. I doubt we'll see FTTH here in Mendocino County anytime soon, but who knows, I was suprised in 2000 when Adelphia announced they'd upgrade the entire system here for Digital Cable in 2001, and HSI in 2002, they did it and I rejoiced! Adelphia got the system here in Mendocino County from Century Communications, whom they acquired in 1999.


Then of course Comcast got us from Adelphia

Edit-They might find a lot of buyers in certain locations in the Bay Area (ie.Palo Alto, Atherton), but I doubt they would for that up here, this is a relatively poor country. I bet they're only targeting areas with existing fiber competition, but 300 seems awfully steep.