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[Eastern Ontario] Kingston ON. Problems

Anyone experiencing problems with Cogeco cable in Kingston?

Over the last few weeks I have experienced numerous problems with Cogeco cable service including email not working (incoming and outgoing), cable television and telephone outages.

When my telephone goes out it affects the house alarm system; when it goes down the alarm system starts to beep which wakes me up often in the middle of the night, it also means no emergency service and my child who is away at University can't reach us in an emergency.

When email goes down it affects my business; I rely on email for my business and wonder what is coming through and what isn't.

Then there are the times you just want to sit and relax and watch some tv and tv service goes down. Usually everything goes down together but not always.

Problems started when we took advantage of the promotion for free telephone for 2 years and free DVR/PVR for a year.

I happened to see a technician servicing my neighbour yesterday and asked him what was going on, he said the recent problems started when they tried to split a node.

What was he talking about and how can these issues take so long to resolve? How long should we have to put up with this?

I asked for 6 months free service and received a month free but quite honestly would just prefer working service. I knew I would not get 6 months free but I thought I should ask for more and at least get a month free.

I believe we have to hurt them in their pocket book for them to take customer issues seriously. Every time you call regarding a problem you have to wait for a technician then they step you through a bunch of things wasting your time then when that doesn't work you have to take time off work to get them in to look at it then they tell you it is not a problem with your home after all.

When I switched over to their phone service I was told that I would never be without service as the modem has a battery back up. Well that is not true, I've been without service many times.

They need to vet their act together.


My parents have been having problems all last week with all 3 services from Cogeco. They may still be having them, I haven't talked to them this weekend. They have one of those emergency alert systems and it kept announcing that the telephones were out. Glad they have cell phones for a back-up. My father called up Cogeco telling them how important it is that the telephone work for the emergency alert system, because of their medical conditions.

If you are on Grouse Cr., Cogeco knows that 5 houses are being effected by this after they hooked up a new customer. They say they are working on it. Don't know how long it will take.


Grouse is just around the corner from where I live so it is most likely the area. I know other people in the area that have had problems as well.

I can definitely say that i have only had problems with Bell 3 times in the 19 years I lived in this home. As soon as I switched to Cogeco I have had.nothing but problems.

If I did not need the phone for my alarm system and fax I would totally get rid of the land line.


My parents just switched from Bell about 3 or 4 months ago because the cost was so high. My father, at 69, is still working full time. Having the emergency alert system announcing that the phone is out of service in the middle of the night, waking him up when he has to be at work by 7 am, is hard on him.

I have to say I have had never had any problems with Bell phone service. The only time it's been off was during the big Ice Storm of 98. I've had a couple of down times with Bell internet, but they were for very short time periods. But, for all this, Bell is very expensive compared to Cogeco. I pay over $100 per month for a grandfathered up to 7, 60Gb Performance internet package and a basic phone with no add-ons. I am looking into getting Cogeco if the price keeps going up with Bell. I can get faster Internet & phone for about $70 per month with Cogeco. I am in the downtown area and would want to check with others on how the service is in this area with Cogeco. The trade off maybe service problems for a cheaper price.