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Kalamazoo, MI

Agh - Charter phone calls

Get a call from Charter yesterday(I have Charter Duo - phone,internet). The CS wants to review my package, asks why no TV service. I respond Direct TV and I don't want to switch. CS says ok, let me look at your package. OH we can save you money on your phone service of $10.00 a month. You won't be being taxes on it anymore. Phone price $25 to $15. CS states just call 1-888-get-charter. I said OK. Hung up...thought what the heck I call talk to another CS rep and all he did was push the crappy HD service (in Kalamazoo anyways), said I won't save any money. What a scam!


East Saint Louis, IL
I have in the past asked that all offers come through the mail or email so I can read it and think about it. (I only have HSI with Charter).
In the past few weeks, I see charter on the caller ID logs. No messages were left. Friday a call came with a unknown name, just the number displayed, I answered it and it was a Charter sales call.
I stopped him in mid-script and told him I was pretty sure I was on the don't call list, he said he would add my number. He told me that it takes time for the list to be updated, I told him it should have been on there for years.
I just can't see making a commitment like that over a phone call.
I do understand that Charter wants to upsell, and I understand that if they talk me into using them for phone service I am less likely to switch my HSI away from them as the equipment is dedicated to use on their system. Great customer retention strategy for sure.

My caller ID has NEVER once displayed Charter's name. It's always been some 1-800-eat-poop number that I have told several times to not call me anymore. I have expanded basic and HSI.

Actually haven't had a call from them in a while now that I think of it.

Sneaky, if nothing else.
The Firefox alternative.


Superior, WI
past business relations for up to 180 days, and current customer numbers are exempt from the national do not call registry, and they also have 90 days to "update" their system to not call your number again.


East Saint Louis, IL
Yes, but I am a current customer that told them a long time ago to put me on the do not call list. I am not talking about the government list.

ferroequine fan
reply to David3941
When they call tell them Charter called about this yesterday and stop the harassment. They'll hang up without making their sales pitch.
i before e, except after c... weird?