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Buckingham Pa
Buckingham, PA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to joako

Re: 30-pin to Lightning availability

said by joako:

In all seriousness, isn't bluetooth audio worse quality than with the 30 pin dock?

It may or may not be--I don' tknow...but the playback via Bluetooth in my JGC sounds significantly better than it did by wire in my previous vehicle which also had a premium, albeit, older sound system. When you throw in road noise, the subtleties are a lot harder to identify, too. Now in the home...wired is likely going to provide a better audiophile experience if you are trying to listen in that regard. There's still a small disconnect there, because folks who are really serious about their music aren't overjoyed with a lot of the digital stuff anyway, no matter how it's encoded or routed to their amps and speakers.

BTW, I wasn't suggesting everyone run right down to their favorite car dealer and get a new car that supports Bluetooth integration. (unless you want to ) I was just intimating that wireless integration is quickly assuming the lead role "in the new world". I do believe that is something that entered into Apple's decision to revise the cable connectivity now, rather than waiting another generation or three.

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Los Angeles, CA
reply to ptrowski
said by ptrowski:

Last time I checked as well no one is holding said gun to your head to be Captain Apple and try to save the day everytime.

What does that even mean? I'm not 'Captain Apple' and I don't know what day I'm supposed to be saving. I'm critical of Apple when they deserve it and I have been in other posts about the iPhone 5 launch. I've said it before and I'll say it again: if Steve were alive and still CEO, this launch would have gone differently (read, better).

I don't believe this to be 'form over function.' Lightning, Maps, etc. were done with a strategy in mind for Apple. Like the Intel move, there will be some discomfort involved. Like everything else in this capitalistic world, the consumer will have their say and if the iPhone 5 turns out to be a flop (it shows no signs of that) or a disappointment (more probable) in the long run Apple will learn from it and hopefully Tim won't let it happen again.

The iPhone 5, so far for me, is working just fine. I've only had the damn thing for a short time and only time will tell if all of this bitching is justified.
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Got Helix?
Putnam, CT
A flop compared to just about every other release. Even the antenna issue was dwarfed by the multiple issues here. No doubt it sells like mad, and of not for some of these issues I would own one. But it's bigger, same camera, faster processor and LTE. That is catch up, not innovating.

An Captain Apple refers to the constant compulsion to seemingly defend any criticism towards the company. Maybe its perception, who knows. But let people complain, bitch, or be disappointed without having to counter everything. But it's an open forum so have it just like people can voice their displeasure.
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