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reply to ShelaghDB

Re: New Rogers HITRON CGN2-ROG -Cant Stay Online

I have read all the posts here and must say that you are all beyond me...LOL

I dont have a clue about bridges etc.

All I know is that my wireless situation worked perfectly for the last 2 years with one router ad suddenly about 2 months ago it began to drop my wireless connection all the time although i hadn't changed a thing.

I am so sick to death of the help at Rogers who put me through the same steps each time although i keep telling them that it will work when I take the things out of the back for a minute or two, put them back in and yes, i will work for a while b ut then it will stop using again.
Ive already had one tech to my home that insisted it was due to the splitter in the wall that had 4 prongs on it and i only needed 2 but that lasted 8 hours and went back again to the same situation.

I have been offline 50% of the past 2 months. The only thing saving me from cancelling Rogers and going with Tek Savvy or someone else, is that fear that it is something in the line within my building and o mater what company I go with, the same will happen and yet i would be starting all over again to get it fixed once and for all otherwise i would drop Rogers in a heartbeat.

Im better with computers than the average person but am stumped with wireless issues, ever gavin had to read up on them or deal with them before now.

Someone says above how we have had this conversation millions of times and if only Rogers will let u use your own hard ware, etc, etc but would this REALLY make any difference and this makes it sound to me as if my present problems are quite common and everyone goes through this? As if I should be expected to live with this?

Regarding the first posters advice, sorry I cant go and change the router yet again. This is the 3rd one. The first one worked beautifully for 2 years and then started to screw up 2 months ago so that doest suggest a brand name router problem for it worked well for so long but maybe something new in rOGERS cable? I know they want access to my maintenance room when they come in this week.

I deleted t he second phone program I have but the first one, when I open it up, still tells me to click one one of the 2 IPS that my computer has active--says I have more than one active IP so I don know if these 2 IPS are confusing the router or not but I tried telling Rogers about this but the tech brushed it off as if it was normal to have two

I had another tech there who told me he KNEW how to fix it.......and changed all my settings and of course it worked for 7 hours before conking out again.
He eve had me connect to speedtest.com and told me i was getting terrible speed, so he had me try a few networks but according to him, my speed never changed.
It was about 9.8 and he said it should have been about 18 and then he gave up and said to have a tech come in as well

/sighs so damn frustrating and to think i am paying money for this lousy service now for 2 months?


Brampton, ON
said by ShelaghDB:

Im better with computers than the average person but am stumped with wireless issues, ever gavin had to read up on them or deal with them before now.

Do yourself a favour and put your modem in bridge mode and buy a decent wireless router. It will be the single best investment you will ever make in terms of home networking. I suggest WNDR3700/3800 but there are a ton of other options available.

Except this doesn't sound like the wireless router ... This sounds like a signal quality problem, probably on the upstream.